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Elkay Enhanced ezH2O® Bottle Filling Station & Versatile Bi-Level ADA Cooler Refrigerated Stainless High Capacity Lead Reduction Quick Filter Change


This ezH2O® enhanced bottle filling station delivers a quick water bottle fill and helps sustainability efforts by minimizing use of disposable bottles. Consolidated, space-saving cooler and bottle filling design features a drop-down cooler wrapper for quick, convenient filter changes. Integrated look combines our exclusive Green Ticker™ that counts bottles saved and FillSafe™ filter recognition system that alerts to needed filter changes.

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EZ Gear-Driven Sensor Faucets


No touch. No fuss. Our line of EZ Gear-Driven Sensor Faucets deliver reliability, precision, and efficiency to your commercial restroom. Thanks to the dual action of the ceramic disc cartridge and the same motor gear-driven operation found in our E-Z Flush units, Camaya outperforms and outlasts other faucets. It intuitively senses the user without delay, too much force, or wasting water. Plus, it’s easy to install and virtually forget about long after.

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Zurn Wilkins 975XL3 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Assembly


The Zurn Wilkins 975XL3 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Assembly provides high hazard protection against backsiphonage and backpressure in potable water applications. The 975XL3 series offers the most compact and lightest bronze small backflow available on the market today. The design combines the robust time-tested construction of our 975XL/XL2 series with the innovative modular check EZSwap® design of our 375 series allowing for ease of repair and greater labor savings compared to all other brands.

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